Professional surfer and big wave rider Garrett McNamara paddled out in Rhode Island on Sunday morning for Hurricane Bill with a stand up paddle board - SUP

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Stand up Paddleboarding on the Wenatchee river. We took a 10" inflatabel Uli board and a 12' Starboard out to a popular park and play wave called Happy Wave. Surfs up.
How to stand up paddle board. A SUP instruction with Dave Kalama. How to pick your paddle length. Check out all of the SUP instructional videos at:

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This video was on uploaded to youtube but was removed, it shows how dysfunctional high volume SUP's are due to the fact that the boards cannot be held on to, in the whitewater. These guys are just throwing their boards away and relying on the leash which is totally unacceptable behaviour.

I've been riding big heavy longboards from 12 to 17 feet for many years and always hold on to my boards and control them in the whitewater. The keys to doing this safely are: A relatively thin ( so that it can be gripped in the hands ) low volume board with sufficient weight to enable it to be rolled under , the right attitude to safety, and plenty of training.

One of the problems is that due to mass marketing and mass production there is a rash of these boards out there. When one makes one's own big wooden longboard one knows the craft intimately and has a better attitude to safety. . . also there are inevitably only a few of them around as only a few people have the patience to make one.
Taking the various stances, and paddle strokes covered in part 1 and 2, we now take this into easy whitewater to apply these concepts to the practical are of currents, waves, eddies and other whitewater features on a basic level.
Punchbowl Falls 8.20.09
Class 4
Starboard Whopper ridden backwards with no fins
Rider: Dan Gavere
Now the goal is to see how to catch a stationary river wave, which is quite different from catching an ocean wave on an SUP.
The Back Deck Rodeo roll used in play and siatuations is often misunderstood. Smooth, quick and safe you should take a look at this video to see how it is done. A slight variation to this roll allows the face to stay dry during the roll.
Tyler Bradt completes the World Record Waterfall Descent. This drop was re-measured at 189 ft. A few feet taller then we had previously thought... Tyler sustained minor injuries which included a sprained wrist and a massive hit.
every roll that kayakers need to know
The back deck roll sweep roll. A variation that de-emphasizes the set up is called the ej roll.
This episode of Whitewater TV offers a detailed overview of how to roll a whitewater kayak. Sponsored by: Appomattox River Company
Promo video for the instructional DVD Anybody Can Kayak! Rolling. Learn your first roll, move a pool roll to the river, or speed up your roll.
The historical footage gives you a view of whitewater kayaking in the early 80's. The first descent was in the 70's by Chris Spelius and Ken Lagergren. This resulted in the arrest of Ken and the escape of Chris. For a complete pod cast of the first descent see
The first drill for learning to roll a kayak.
Mike Hipsher head guide emeritus of Expediciones Chile shows his toughness. NO swim he hung on and rolled up. He guided his guests through on the clean line a few moments later.
better quality vid:

Explaining the Back Deck Roll in a freestyle kayak by Bas de Man ©.

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A must see perspective on kayak rolls. Check this out if you are an instructor or a beginner.
How to stand properly on a Stand UP Paddleboard for maximum stability and control. The video is targeted to people who want to get into whitewater SUP and already have whitewater experience in a canoe or kayak.