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One of the most exciting strokes in whitewater, the boof stroke will help you clear drops and maintain speed.
Learn the draw stroke. Essential for maximum control and getting in and out of eddies smoothly.
The forward stroke sounds simple but can take a lifetime to master and perfect.
Whitewater is a gear involved sport and you don't want to leave the essentials behind or not know how to use them.
Not easily taught or learned, check out these tips on rolling your kayak.
Whitewater Kayaking comes with hazards so take precaution to make sure you have the correct gear and know how to use it.
Learning to read whitewater is a vital aspect to becoming a good whitewater kayaker.
Learning to catch eddies is a crucial skill to becoming a proficient whitewater kayaker.
How often do you find yourself in the sketchiest situations trying to load your boat? I decided to do a quick tutorial and trying to give a super simple technique to make sure your boat stays on the roof! Thank you so much for watching our videos, please ...
Running big drops in a kayak is one of the sickest things you can do but it is not something you do every day and therefore I thought it might be helpful to give you a little beta about how I approach and handle big drops. Let me know if it helped you! Th...
The kickflip is one of my favourite tricks out there, it looks cool, feels awesome and is actually not that hard to do! Let me know what you wanna see a tutorial of next! Thank you so much for watching our videos, please subscribe to our channel and chec...