French Surfer Peyo Lizarazu and Robby Naish share this wave Stand up Paddle Surfing. Mike Waltze shot this sequence on his Red One camera with his cannon 150 - 600mm zoom lens. © Waltze Productions Posting courtesy and
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uli boards we took to angra brasil a 350 island tropical rain forrest reserve. WE used the boards to approach rocks of ocean to rock climb with the team. Unloading and loading food and beers from beach to boats and early morning passangers who didn't want to swim to the boat yet.
Paddle Board Yoga is the style of yoga dashama created for surfers and fitness/health enthusiasts who love to try new things and strengthen their core, balance and have fun! Jennifer Anniston made paddle boarding popular in Hollywood, now try it for your self! Check it out:) We had a blast today at Ft Lauderdale beach. I created a new yoga, for surfers, using an activity that jenifer anniston has been known to enjoy: Paddle Boarding strengthens your core, improves balance and stability. Try it today!

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Kate Hudson is into waterboarding - Pictures - The Insider at The Insider
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Star Tracks - Monday, August 20, 2007 - HAVING A ROW - Jennifer Aniston ...
... to get back to work soon but Jennifer Aniston still makes time for fun with her ... The actress spent Saturday paddle boarding in Hawaii with pals David and,,20052368_3,00.html :: The Ocean Endurance Community Hub
The mission at is simple: We want to create a unique, organic, inclusive, credible, inspiring, legitimate, hype-free, down-to-earth, straight : SUP, Standup Paddle Sports Santa Barbara, stand up ...
Standup Paddle Sports ™ of Santa Barbara is the leader in SUP, Stand Up Paddle Boards, and standup paddling. ... these standup paddle boards & SUP paddles are

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Stand Up Paddle Surfing from Suplove filmed in Sydney, Australia.
The Wenatchee Omnium Stage Race
Presented by Wenatchee Valley Velo
and the Wenatchee Valley Sports
Council In Cooperation with Pazzo
Velo May 12th, 2007. Video at the
Start and Finish Line at the Wenatchee
Centennial Park in Wenatchee, Washington.

This was a USCF, USA Cycling
( WSBA ) bicycling event.
French Surfer Peyo Lizarazu and Robby Naish share this wave Stand up Paddle Surfing. Mike Waltze shot this sequence on his Red One camera with his cannon 150 - 600mm zoom lens. © Waltze Productions Posting courtesy and
Surfers dig a channel thru the sand, releasing the Waimea river water trapped behind the beach. They surf the resulting standing waves for several hours.
Honolua surf Co S.U.P Challenge,
First ever stand up paddle board event in Australia. Great waves on the Gold Coast at Currumbin Alley for the event.
Stand Up Paddle Surfing In Jacksonville Beach Florida, 2ft waves and winds at 19 knots. South County Turtle 10 foot board
Instructions for handling a stand-up paddle surfboard. See the C4 Waterman instructions at
stand up paddle and run and surf the river class 3 and 4
Rob Mckibbin and Abe H. running Exit Drop in Tumwater Canyon, Leavenworth WA.
Surfing on the Snake River near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Lunch Counter rapid. Optimal level: 10,000 to 15, 000 cfs.
First day paddling a rapid at Big Bend, about ten miles east of Moab, Utah 7-12-2010. Visit for info on Pau Hana SUPs.
River SUP action from 2009 Stand Up Paddling Championships held in Colorado. Charlie MacArthur, Liam Wilmott, Noland Martin, and eventual winner Dan Gravere race the slalom, surf the standing wave, and charge down river on their stand up paddle boards.
Possibly THE most annoying river surfing movie ever created.
SUP Surfing at Ala Moana Courts with the Gopro HD Chest Harness. Surfing on a 11' Laird Stand up paddle board
SUP ATX president Mike Bill paddles into a boat wake and surfs for 3 miles in Arizona.
Pro surfer Morgan Faulkner, "The Texas Chainsaw", takes Christian Wach and Kameron Brown, 2 professional longboarders from California, on a journey to score the epic tanker wave!!!! Wave lasts over 5 minutes long!!!
Gerry Lopez surfing Sunset Beach Hawaii on a standup paddleboard. The other surfer told Gerry to GO! and they shared a great set wave. This was early Feb 2010, and GL paddled out after commentating for day 3 of the Volcom Pipe Pro
SUP (Stand Up Paddle)/Jimmy Terrell/Paddle Builder